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A Dedicated California Medical Malpractice Attorney


Our firm dedicates itself to helping people who have been injured as a consequence of medical malpractice. Since 2003 we have represented families like yours from all over California. If you are thinking of bringing a medical malpractice suit, contact our firm to find out more.


We pride ourselves on being well prepared and dedicated to providing our clients with excellent legal counsel.  Whether dealing with misdiagnosis, surgical error, or birth injury, we aim to give our clients a great deal of personal attention.


The First Steps


While medicine is not an exact science, there are times when, due to carelessness, improper training, or systemic failure, a doctor causes serious injury. In these instances, the law provides that you be compensated for your injuries


To determine if we can help, we will first need to speak with you and learn about the circumstances of your injury.  We will then obtain your medical records and do a thorough review to ascertain whether you were treated properly. If it turns out that your injury was the result of negligent care, we will obtain qualified doctors and medical professionals to review your case and then testify on your behalf.


Medical malpractice cases are very difficult.  Insurance companies defend these cases rigorously, and many of them go to trial. It is therefore imperative that you seek experienced and dedicated counsel to help you through this process.  At our law firm, we consider it both an honor and a privilege to represent our clients, and look forward to helping you seek compensation for your injuries.


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